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The camshaft controls the intake and exhaust valves in the engine of the car. The camshaft opens and closes the valves at the right moment in a predefined order. The camshaft is driven by the crankshaft. Depending on the type of engine, the power will be transferred via a timing chain, toothed belt or gearwheels. The gear ratio is 2:1. This means that the camshaft rotates at a much slower speed than the crankshaft.

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When dealing with an overhead valve control, the camshaft is positioned in the engine block and affects the valves via the cam followers and pushrods. Because this type of valve control depends on many mechanical parts and is therefore much more prone to wear and tear, it is used only for car engines with low RPMs.

Engines with higher RPMs use two DOHC- or one OHC-camshaft. These are located in the top of the cylinder head and operate the valves through a tappet, a cam follower or a rocker arm.

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The camshafts offered by us, depending on the brand, are produced out of nitrided steel, spheroidal graphite cast iron, grey cast iron or quenched and tempered steel. To avoid unnecessary weight, these are either cast or hollow-drilled. The cam itself and our camshaft bearing are also surface hardened. This guarantees the long life of the parts for our customers. In our online shop, camshafts are sold individually or as a kit. Despite the affordable price you do not have to sacrifice on quality, as we provide only original parts. In addition to high-quality equivalent parts and unique service, we also guarantee fast delivery.

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